Sorry bout the tittle.. ✌can’t think of one so.. bear with it please..😄

I woke up 11am today.. I used to waking up late for a week.. Β no one bothered to wake me up.. and I have school.. I missed a test in the morning.. I wish our teacher would let me take the test tomorrow.. goodluck to me..

Next week we will start our practice again.. I’m excited and sad at the same time.. coz it’s exhausting..Β 

It’s sad to think that we won’t be having prom..😢 .. junior high school life is not complete without prom! But maybe in senior high we will have it.. we’ve been dreaming for it.. and it will remain as a dream to us for now.. literally..😭.. what does prom feels like?? Β Is it really like what we see on movies?? Β 😅… just wondering..Someone give me a hint please.. 🙇

Getting lost with music..😃👍👊


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