Moonlit Sonota

Once the sun fades over the horizon, after the sky shines pink and purple, my moon rises up high to greet me. It’s light is pale and hollow. It doesn’t warm you up. Still it is the spot light that casts its beam encasing me in light. Unlike the sun, the moon is delicate. Without the star’s companionship the moon would look forlorn in its solitude. The irony is the sun is a star and yet when it takes the time to face us, it is the only star we see.

Under a crescent moon, I feel alive. Summer nights spent swimming in black water, sitting in front of a crackling fire, lying down on a fleece blanket making order of the cosmos, these are the things I like to do.

Today I had a thought. We, people, are like flames. People who do not dwell on the bad have lights that shine oh so bright. As for others their flame may sputter or flicker. They may long to be stamped out. As a flame can light another flame, we should use this as example. People need to be filled with light. Some one who is depressed needs it so much more. Take the time to share it with them so that we may all be light.

Relationships seem so hard when they end. People nurse their broken hearts. Take heed and comfort in my words. Wrap them aroundyour shoulders like a blanket. Life is a series of meetings and partings. When love leaves us, realize yes it hurts and yes it is real, but the future will bring you something better.


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