My best friend

Is awesomely amazing, she and I meet over 20 years ago. She is the sister I got to chose (no I only have brothers…5 of them) but I got to chose her. Like myself “My Michelle” is married and has 3 kids. The name comes from other people always trying to steal My Michelle….including my own children. She knows almost every dark secret in my life and so many bright spots, the fact that we rely on each others memory on how things have happened far more then is healthy for people under 70, keeps us giggling with our childhood memories even long after the others involved in those memories seem to have left us behind. But we also have the new memories piling up. We both have ass hole husbands, we both have amazing eldest children that are overly intelligent, middle children overly wrought with emotion and anger and again matching youngest who have the evilest grins and blackmail set up techniques that would put ninjas to shame. 

We call and text …alot. She is more sweet heart and I’m more cynal rock and roll. But she is playing catch up, in her own ways. 

Some of the most amazing memories include flipping over the couches in my parents old place (a 3 bedroom trailer) and have a Lego and rubber band war with my oldest brother Mike and his best friend Jay for over an hour….supposedly while baby sitting my younger brothers….the war ended when my older brother jumped the couch threw Michelle over his shoulder and ran off with her….I was so pissed. He did not get away without severe bruises as I played rescue. Though Jay did try stopping me, I wonder now looking back of maybe it was a plan to separate us because my brother REALLY liked Michelle, not as much as he lusted after Michelle’s older sister Sara but still. And Jay….I mourn for my memories of Jay…I still dream about him. He is married now, how do I put this in civil tones. I use to love Rachel not so much anymore. But we can save that for another day I suppose. This is about My Michelle.

It’s my fault on many levels she is where she is, I brought her current husband with me to a graduation as my plus one, well what do you expect when you bring an “alpha male” into the the same frame as a Catholic Virgin something that apparently ever man wants to get into atleast once. But in Jeff’s case for some odd reason stayed around. I know Michelle loves him, but she and I both know he is an ass hole who lied to be with her and still does when he feels he needs too. I can’t tell you how many times I have apologized to Michelle’s mom for bringing Jeff with me that day. 

I have hopes that as me and Michelle grow old we get to be free and travel and work together. She has always been there when I needed her whether for a shoulder to cry on, to whine and bitch, or to watch the embers die on an epic bon fire. From 4-H to disfunctional family issues and let’s see if we will get to see retirement together as I hope we will. She couldn’t have been a better best friend. And there will be more stories of her sweetheartedness and awesomeness of helping me endure this suckithly life to come. And I hope I have been as good a friend as she has been to me. 


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