Snowing all day

Snowing day in Chicago! Feel like I was pretty busy this weekend. However, there were not many productive things except for having great time with friends lol. Today I started a day with church and brunch after. Then meet up with Anton and Natialia at Dollops to work on our first iOS app Complimenter. It was just amazing how fast Anton built the app and we ended up with a working app after 2 hours maybe less. Well it obviously needs more improvement but good enough to see how it works and get feedback from others. I’m actually getting very excited for this. Stayed there till 5:45 PM then headed to Miao for the walking dead show and chineses new year dumpling party. Ate so much dumpling and beer also watched the walking dead. Back home now and about to go to sleep. 11:30 PM now I know I’m ready for sleep but not sure if I’m ready for Monday yet lol.

Goodnight everyone!

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