I completed the chapter outline to my book late last night and today I started writing the character profiles and back grounds. Once those are complete, I will get down the the serious writing. This will be a stretch for me since I have only written short stories before that weren’t any longer than a few pages. At this point I have 16 chapters outlined.

What is tough? Being hours away from someone who is ill and there isn’t anything you can do to help them. I just want to curl up with My sunshine and kiss her forehead, caress her skin and just soothe her until she feels better. We didn’t talk a lot today but we took every moment that we had. I still missed her and at times wished we were talking when I knew she didn’t feel well. I find myself waiting for my phone to go off. I know she misses me to and is giving me every thing she can right now and I appreciate that. I hope she sleeps well and wakes up refreshed tomorrow. 

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  1. Congratulations on finishing the outline for your first novel! That is so exciting! You are embarking on a wild and wonderful journey in writing. The short stories will have been good practice, as well as creative writing in themselves. Go for it!

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