Valentines Day is a day for….


Yea yea I said guilt, to guilt and be guilted. We have all done the whole I love you, I love you crap in years gone by but well after your first 10 years for V-Day disappointment, ranging from your first true guilted one usually along the line of no date/why don’t you have a date.  And yes there is guilt there, usually in the way of you didnt ask me out, or you need to be bolded and ask them out. And then there is the ones who have dates, the flowers (yuck, I mean who wants the same “I fucked up roses” on the day that is suppose to bring out all the passion in  your life) that are always the same, the guy who grumbles because he always has to be the one to bring them, and then the dinner; also grumbles too crowded, too pricey. Although if you are lucky you stop by the adult store on your way home in hopes that for the first time in months the sex will be worth it. (It usual isn’t) Followed by the guilt of why the day sucked so much. 

Admittedly I’m very cynical, and have no lasting hope for the “Y” side of the species, not even my own children. My husband DOES NOT buy me flowers…and I like it that way 99% of the time…I have always since like age 12 wanted to get a bouquet of red I fucked up roses and beat the guy who was handing them over in the head and watch the petals rain down from their too earlierly clipped stems. A dream yet to be realized.

Volunteers? Please? 

I’ve had the whole passionate V-Day, twice? Maybe? It wasn’t worth it, not when the following day suddenly the gutter is where you feel emotion wise for the next oh 3 weeksish because all expectations were piled into one night. 

All in all I have stopped believing in the power of Valentine’s Day, I want to go where it’s equal valentine’s day, black day and white day. It won’t fix anything but better then nothing. Good luck to all the lovers out there….may you keep a happy passionate holiday for years to come, or if you are like me I hope you have an awesome Sunday and don’t forget to show yourself some self loving. 


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