A beautiful chapter..😄😢


I couldn’t picture out myself without having my friends.. they always bring out my crazy side.. with them I feel like myself.. that it’s okay to be crazy.. to be imperfect.. we argue at times, we have misunderstandings.. but at the end of the day, we’re there for each other.. 

honestly, I never thought that this school year would turn out to be great.. I never thought that I would be close with most of my classmates..  I thought that it would always be just me and my friend since 7th grade.. but I was wrong.. I already knew most of them but we were  not really close.. but weeks after we got to know each other more.. I remembered when we became closer we started to tell our first impressions on each other.. it’s funny how we disagree on each other.. defending ourselves and just laugh it off.. but there are some that’s really true though.. 

We established a special bond between each other.. we have a lot of issues on each other, we could never really avoid those things.. that even happen to families.. but that’s always temporary.. like we hate each other today but the next day we were  like so close.. 

but everything must always come to an end.. and It’s  sad to think that this beautiful chapter is soon to end.. it would all end soon when we we’re just starting to  have so much fun.. I don’t want this chapter to end yet.. 

I’m scared to start my new chapter.. I’m not ready for it yet.. but we never really know if we’re ready for it until the day comes.. doubts come first.. But I wouldn’t let it destroy me.. 

For now.. I will just ignore all the negative thoughts as much as I could and just be happy.😉




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