First and foremost, I must apologize for yesterday. It was not a good day at all and I will try to make this one better.

So because of yesterday’s horrible journal I’m going to try and write a fairly decent one. It is currently 5:58 in the morning and its pitch black all around me.  My mom came in my room turning on my lights at about 5:40 yelling that we are late. So I automatically jumped up and got completely ready in less than three minutes (qualities of being a guy). The little thing and the most important thing that my mom didn’t know is that we have a two hour delay because of freezing cold rain. I stood there for at least five minutes with so many mixed emotions because I could have been asleep for two more hours. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to lie back down and fall asleep, especially after all of that. So I decided to turn off my lights and pull up a blank word document. So here I am; it’s now 6:08 and I’m just writing. I obviously have plenty of time to write comparing I have an extra two hours. I don’t know if I’m going to post this after I finish or later this afternoon around my usual schedule. I think it just depends on the question of can I find a picture to post with what I have written. I have no idea what photo I am going to use. I am running out of photos in all honestly. Well… that is a lie. I have thousands of photos but none are good. I have some more photos on my camera but I’m too lazy to get up and walk across my house at this early in the day.

I have noticed that this site is based up upon a few different categories. There are always the same kinds of stories. I find that when I read a few of them they tend to be sad. Like people write a lot of sad stories and I don’t really understand it. Of course I’m not shaming them for posting their feelings. I did it yesterday and it would only be hypocritical for me to shame them. But the other stories are of people being lost in their own understanding of life. The last category is people just simply being happy. Those are the best ones in my opinion. They are not as fun to read but they are better. So those are the categories (sad, confused, and happy). That is a weird mix of categories in all honesty. The categories are so simple but also so complicated because they are based on the human emotions.

I have also noticed that there are a group of people who come back regularly. I for one am one of them. I find that there are about seven or eight of us. I’m sure there are plenty more and I have just not noticed them. But the others are just passing byers. They write their first journal and they think they will write more but they actually forget that the website exists and then they remember a month later and they still don’t write anything. I thought I would be that type of person. I found this site one night when I was trying to make a blog. I didn’t know what website to use or where to start. Somehow I stumbled across this page and so far I like it. I like to read some of the stories. I’m not going to lie; I don’t read all of them simply because I don’t have time. But I do read a select few. I have a handful of people that I usually check to see if they have posted anything.

I wish school essays were this easy. At home writing one of these I can simply write a thousand page paper easily just by typing what I am thinking. With a school essay it’s so complicated. You have to find facts and you have to do so much research on everything to make that perfect grade so we can keep our GPA’s average.

This journal would be much longer than this but it is currently 6:36 and I need to take an hour shower. That was a lie, I don’t need a shower because I took one last night but I’m going to take another one just to wake myself up a little bit.

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