Imagine this Happens to You from Harry Styles

Imagine (:


You were close to meeting Harry. So fucking close, but all those people mobbed him and he didn’t look happy about it. 


He was so polite though, kept smiling, signing, and posing never breaking character. Finally, he got to you. “You want anything?” He asks, you shake your head. “No.. No nevermind. I just..” Someone pushes you out of the way, then they start talking to Harry. You pick yourself up and dust off, checking to see if anyone saw. Harry saw but he didn’t say anything, which shocked you. You weren’t hurt but Harry still felt like the type to stand up for a person no matter what. 


You walk away. “Maybe today 

wasn’t the day.” You think to yourself. 


Harry was tired, so damn tired. But all he could think about was the girl that got shoved away from him today and how he didn’t say anything. He regret it so much, the look on your face. He didn’t even bother to see if you were okay, he just let you walk away without a word. 


He was on the phone, “fucking find her! No, I don’t know her name but I was rude as shit to her today and I’m going to fucking make it up to her.” Harry knew he was being too aggressive on the phone, but the face of this girl wouldn’t leave his mind. 


He walked into an empty cafe, and ordered a latte, something warm to beat the coldness he felt on the inside. That’s when he noticed her, setting by the window, sullen expression on her face.


Harry walks up to you and sets down in the booth across from you. He was going to ask you to dinner to make up for earlier, get to know you better because what happened out there today, you didn’t deserve that. He didn’t want that to be how you remember meeting him. But as you looked up with your bright wide eyes, and breath taking smile, all that left his mouth was; 


“I found you.”

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