Imagine this Happens to You from Harry Styles



Tonight was a special night. You were performing a duet with Harry at the GRAMMYs. Everyone would be there, Taylor, Kendall, anyone who had been linked with him. Your band had opened the show and everyone knew you were linked with Harry. It was hard not to tell with all the pictures of you two hanging out, you wearing his clothes out in public, all of it and you couldn’t deny it. He made you feel completely special. 


Tonight you two were performing a reimagined version of his song he recently released called, Don’t Let Me Go, that both of you had rewrote. Rehearsals were intense cause you tried to distance yourself from him, you figured he wouldn’t want anything to do with you after the performance. But he kept holding you too tight, leaning too close, his body being right up against yours. It drove you crazy. 


You’re onstage and Harry is singing to you, staring deep in your eyes, “Don’t let me, don’t let me, don’t let me go, cause I’m tired of feeling alone.” The audience was almost in tears. You sang your part back, “I can’t let you, I won’t let you , I can’t let you go cause I’m tired of being without you.” 


You were just about to sing the rest of your chorus when Harry suddenly kissed you and in front of the entire GRAMMY audience. He kissed you hard and rough, but there was so much passion in it. 


He interrupts the songs, turns to the musicians to tell them to stop. “I have an announcement.” Everyone in the audience was shocked, what did Harry Styles have to announce? Was this part of the show? “Over the last couple of week of working with this beautiful women in front of me, I have fallen in love. So deep in love that it’s driving me crazy and I have one question to ask her tonight.” 


He turns to you, all eyes on you now. Your band watching, your managers, basically your whole team.


Harry looks at you so intensely, “be mine? Please, let me love you. Let me be the person you can’t and won’t let go. Be the person that stops me from feeling and waking up alone. Be that person for me, I love you so much.” The audience is holding their breath, everyone is shocked. Taylor’s mouth has dropped, Kendall is shocked and looking around at everyone trying to see if it’s just a dream, a nightmare. 


You lift the mic to your mouth, “Yes.” You say, loud and firm. “Yes I will be yours. I’ll be your everything.” You smile at him and he smiles back, jumping up and pulling you in his arms and spinning you around. The whole place erupts into claps and shouts of congratulations. 


Harry kisses you softly this time, “I can’t believe it. You’re really mine.” He says, still smiling. 


“Always.” You whisper looking into his eyes. The cheers and claps still going on around you. 


Life felt complete.

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