Changing themes

I sit here thinking that I have nothing to say and I keep starting off my word document and then deleting what I wrote because it was tacky. I say that I don’t have anything to say but my mind is actually racing with so many things to say but I don’t know how to word any of it.

I am tired. Every night I go to bed around nine and I wake up at five thirty in the morning. That’s eight hours of sleep and I’m still beyond tired. I want to take a nap when I get home but I force myself to stay awake because I know that if I fall asleep right now then I will not fall asleep so easy tonight. I wish I could wake up but I can’t. I think the only thing that can wake me up is an ice coffee. But sadly I’m out of coffee and I will not be getting more anytime this week because it’s a far drive to get it.

Now let’s talk about school. English 10 has got to be the easiest English class I have taken. I am pretty far ahead of my class so my teacher allows me to simply play on my phone. I am two days ahead of where I should be. So because of that twitter has become my best friend. I actually love twitter. Twitter is easily my favorite social media account. Now let’s move on so we don’t go off the topic of school. Math is easy also but it’s more challenging. We don’t finish our notes until the very last second of the class and most days we are still working after the bell. That’s basically it for school. There is not much else to say about the other classes.

So we are planning on making my bedroom hardwood and we are painting the walls a grey. I love this idea because all my life I have had white walls and carpet flooring. It will be a nice change. I am getting rid of my bed and I’m using a hammock instead. I would much rather the hammock instead anyways. We are making my room a beach theme so that explains the hammock. We are taking some of my photos and making a collage out of them to put up on my walls. It will match the grey walls.

Not much else today; I will keep yall updated as I continue through.

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  1. I’m starting to like twitter now.. thanks to you..

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