Feb. 17, 2016 – Today’s Gift from Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2016

Today’s thought from the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is:

I wish to live without hate, whim, jealousy, envy, and fear. I wish to be simple, honest, frank, natural, clean in mind and clean in body. . . to face any obstacle and meet every difficulty unabashed and unafraid.
 — Elbert Hubbard

Growing up, we learned there were many places to make wishes: the first star, a well, candles on a birthday cake. We saw Dorothy return from Oz after she wished she were back home. Fairy tales taught us wishes can come true.

We don’t have to stop wishing, even though many of our wishes never came true. We may have wished for the impossible when we said, “I wish things would get better at home.” But we may have gotten our way when we said, “I wish this pain would end.” Our dreams came true with the program.

Our best wishes can be about ourselves and the lives we want to have. We can wish for riches and find friends with hearts of gold. We can wish for comfort and health, and get a night of uninterrupted sleep. Whatever we wish for, we can receive.

You are reading from the book:

Night Light by Amy E. Dean

Night Light by Amy E. Dean. © 1986, 1992 by Hazelden Foundation

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