Hypocritical Multiplied By 20

Where to begin? Well let’s start with that fact that everyone is a little hypacrital in the least. There is always going to be one thing in your entire life that you become a hypocrit about even if just for a second. Then there are those people that are the reason the adjective also was put into the form of a title. Currently there has been someone who has been staying at my place who takes “hypocrit” to a whole other level. This person is beyond an annoyance in my life. Let’s start with this….

         Her name is Olga, Olga is a friends relative and that relative won’t shut up. Oh lord, I mean just talks and talks nonstop. You know what doesn’t help? That Olga has the most annoying voice and it’s not because of the fact that it’s running constantly it’s because it actually has this whinny factor to it. Long drawn out silables, moans, groans you make it and Olga does it. Olga had a weight loss surgery not to long ago and eats like s**t now. Sugars, junk food. It doesn’t bother me this is her body and she is going to be the one that paid for the surgery  and it will be a complete loss for her but what does bother me is when she grabs something completely unhealthy to eat and complains about how unhealthy it is WHILE eating it. WTF!? Really!? That’s what annoys me. I have been a hobbit the last couple of days that she has been here just hiding in my little hole as far from her as I can get. But I can’t stay in my room forever. 

     I am hoping that she leaves soon I really am. I don’t like people to behind with and she’s the worst kind of people. 

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