le dîner est servi

As a little one, i use to love watching my mother and Tita ( Grandma) cook, constantly asking questions, why are you cutting this, how long does that cook for, questions on questions, some days i would even get kicked out of the kitchen! As i grew up my curiosity grew and grew, eventually my constant annoying questions turned into pleads.  Knowledge is power right? With a watchful eye, i observed everything to the way my mother held a knife to how big she cut everything. Slowly i started to turn in the master chef, taking cooking classes in high school. I thought i had found my future career! But like every brightly shining star, there comes a day where your light just dims….. I was cooking for my then crush T, we had been one a few dinner dates and had agreed to start cooking for together. On the menu for that night, was his favorite… Lemon and garlic roasted chicken ,mashed potatoes,  with a side of asparagus. I had everything planned, perfectly… or so i thought. What i wanted to be a fun and romantic night turned into a nightmare….To make a long story short, T and i didn’t speak after that night. Now fast forward to 4 years later, as i stand here in my kitchen with my love, watching him messily make dinner for us BLT’s, his specialty , i can not help but laugh as i watch him burn the toast for the billionth time, but you know i wouldn’t have it any other way… there is one room for one chef in this house.

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