Life Revisited: The Birth of Motivation

I often wonder if my life is any different, any more or less tragic than anyone else’s life. I don’t believe that it is. I think that everyone’s life is unique, yes, and how we handle the daily ups and downs determines how tragic we think our lives are. This is going to be about my journey. About my past and how that has shaped my present and what I can do to change my future and become a better person through insight and the development of new, more efficient coping mechanisms. Truly, I hope that this won’t be all about tragedy. I want it to include triumphs, joys, fun, all that gunk that makes up the aether of daily living. So let’s begin, shall we?

What is my motivation for this journal? To vent. Of course I vent to some extent to my friends and family, but no one wants to whine all the time about things that we feel are going horribly wrong in our lives, because we know that everyone is going through something. The anonymity of the internet means that I can vent to perfect strangers who are not trapped by my venting. You, my audience, can read as much or as little as you like. Walk away, come back, don’t come back. I want what I have to say to reveal who I am, to myself, to the world. I want what I’m going through to resonate. Everyone needs to know that while what they are going through happens to everyone, how it affects us as individuals is wholly unique to our own psyche. 

It is my hope that you read what I have to say. That you’re empethetic to my plight. That my solutions to my problems give you out there in the world, ideas and insights into new ways to deal with your own issues. More importantly, I hope that when I write about my feelings, about things going on in my life, I will find the tools to help myself. 


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