My craziness😂😂

Few hours ago.. my day was just happy.. but now.. I’m not sure.. 

I haven’t attended my classes today.. our science teacher asked us to attend the demo teaching with my other 15 classmates.. I wasn’t supposed to be there.. coz I didn’t volunteer.. but I was surprised when I came to school.. I haven’t even got to our classroom yet..2 of my classmates saw me approaching and they just dragged me there.. I really don’t want to.. but it’s the two of them vs. Me.. oh great!😑 so we just sat there.. listening about science stuff.. the whole day.. but it was quite fun though.. we missed some quizzes but they said we were excused..

It was my classmate’s birthday today.. while we were  waiting for the next demo teacher.. I would pull her by the sleeves and sing her a song.. and she was like here she go again😌.. annoyed but in a friendly manner.. it was it was 6 of us in the table.. most of the time when I saw her I would catch up to her and sing to her out loud.. I always do that to my close friends.. I love the way they react.. yesterday i remembered i was singing loudly when it rained.. they blamed me for the rain😂.. but later on they joined me.. so the four of us were singing under the rain.. we were singing like crazy.. good thing there’s only few people along the way.. my craziness is indeed contagious.. I was always too shy around other people.. but when I’m with my friends or the people I’m comfortable with I feel like a different person.. I feel like myself.. sometimes I just don’t care what others would think.. 😂 I like annoying them.. 😂😂.. but I know when to be serious.. 

I feel a whole lot better now.. 😊.. as I remember all the crazy stuff that I did.. and thanks to the music..

YOLO! You Only Live Once! So make the most of every moment.. 


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