Spring not so far off

 Living in the south, the buds appear in February and by March are huge on the trees or blooms on the dogwood. I am so glad winter is at least fading out for the year here. That’s not to say that we won’t get a freak snowstorm or ice. Sometimes we do. In 2010 we had a foot of snow, saying a lot for the area I live in. 

I hate my seasonal depression. My moods which are unpredictable and scary. But then other days I am okay. I am such a chronic worrier, don’t like heavy responsibility, just have limits. Sometimes my heart PVCs drive me nuts even with the med. Supplement helps some. At some point I hope to have a little more peace of mind and stop worrying so much.

Nice weather helps me calm down. Naturally I stay more active when it’s warmer. Can’t wait until I do more. I have little feeders for the birds. They remember to return every year. 

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