To Publish, or Not to Publish….

As conflicting as writing a public journal(diary)is, it feels….liberating to say the least.

 Even if no one reads this or no one cares what I write here(which honestly is pretty likely)I find that I enjoy writing this journal and letting out my thoughts without as much anxiety that I would feel otherwise, of which I am grateful for.

Sometimes, when my mood is at its lowest,and I have very little access to human contact I feel trapped inside my own head.Needless to say it is a truly horrible feeling,so being able to comfortably share(vent)my thoughts and emotions in a way I enjoy is….incredible.

On an end note to anyone reading this; Thank you for……uh “listening” I guess  ^_^

One thought on “To Publish, or Not to Publish….”

  1. You are welcome and thank you for your thoughtfulness.

    I had an inner struggle of publishing in private or public when I started on my journal. In the end I found leaving it public to be liberating. It also keeps me conscientious.

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