So I tend to get distracted a lot. It’s not really a good trait to have but it’s not that bad. I only get distracted when I am bored playing on my phone. I will simply just be playing on my phone and I will remember that I have to do something and I will click play on my phone for a few more seconds and by then I will have forgotten what it was I had to do.

So I am thinking about creating an actual blog. I want something where I can write daily like this but also have more things to do with my page. If I find a good blog site and I do decide to do it then I will still write daily on here but I will not past what I write every day. What I would do is write every single day but I would wait until Friday or Saturday to post in all together instead of by days. I can’t promise I’m doing this so don’t hold me to it. I will tell you all if I do decide to create a real blog.

Not much happened today. I found out today that yesterday during lunch a kid poured tea on a lunch ladies head. The kid was on the balcony and the lunch lady was below and he simply poured the tea on her. He almost got the entire school in trouble but thankfully nobody got punished. The kid should have got in trouble but nobody knew it was him/her so they can’t be punished.

So that’s about it for today. Like I always say… I will keep y’all updated as I go along.

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