It started with a tv show

I proudly live in a household void of cable tv. We do watch movies, have video game systems, and have some technology available at our finger tips. I like to binge watch various tv series when I feel the longing to be lazy. My last great thriller was Vikings. Currently I’ve taken a shine to American Horror Story – Freak Show. Admittedly, it isn’t for everyone. I have a gravitational pull towards the macabre so it right up my alley.

I’ve watched most of the other seasons. I’ve seen all of Murder House, most of Asylum, and some of Coven. Thoroughly engrossed in Freak Show, making connections to the past seasons, I started having some thoughts.

Our history, as humans (not limited any one country) has dark secrets tucked away. We use to incarcerate people who suffered from mental health issues, mental retardation, physical deformities, or even people who had the unfortunate luck to be poverty stricken. Was it right? Morally, on an individual basis absolutely not. Did it help society? Shockingly the answer might be maybe.

I started to make all sorts of connections. It’s a daily habit for me to read the news daily. My heart shatters while I read stories of violent crimes, rising drug use, a revolving door prison system, child abuse, and so on. It seems like once a day I come across an article where some one committed a murder suicide and selfishly ended some one else’s life in addition to their own. Are we expressing this hideous behavior on a larger scale than back in the days of out casting and institutionalizing? It’s that where most of this stems from? Are we experiencing a huge deficit of treating mental health?

We can’t go back to the old system even if my theory is correct. To dump our special needs and disabled neighbors and family members off like a bag of trash is cruel as it gets. Nobody deserves that fate, especially those who are innocent. I don’t have the answers on how to help society’s growing number of sociopaths and deviants, but throwing out the whole bushel of perfectly good apples just because there was one rotten one comes at too high of a cause.

I don’t even think these people were locked away for the purpose of protecting the greater good or to get the help and care that they needed. Sadly I think they were subjected to imprisonment so we would be more of a cookie cutter society.  We could go on with our lives, pretending they didnt exist. It’s a sad part of our history.


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