my babies

My day was wonderful.

I saw the babies(my siblings)

they have gotten so big.. I cant not believe it..

they ran to me and I almost cried( as you can tell im kinda a sissy)

I haven’t seen them in so long then I get to.. and they actually ran to me and remembered..

I was so happy.. still am..

but sadly this will be the last time I will see them for awhile because I will be heading back to my state soon then to school..

it was only a hour visit but I think they had fun..

they ate pizza and I ran around chasing them and grr’ing at them..

super fun.. and the oldest girl the ballerina she is not really but she would be so good at it if she took classes I bet or at anything anyway.. she held on to me the whole time practically and she made me give her horse back rides.. and I chased the other two girls..

the middle girl she kinda stole my phone lol

and took pictures of everything..

and I tickled them a lot

and the boys kinda were on the phone for a few minutes before I stole it and ticked them and chased and played with them.. then the oldest was doing his homework.. I was like good child and he was like yeah..

I feel like him and I have kinda grown apart… since he has gotten older we use to be so close.. it is really sad and I tried to get close ndplay with him.. he did we did then he went away again so I kept going back and forth to him then the others trying to get me lol

5 all together.. 2 boys they are the oldest.. and then 3 younger.

They are all amazing.. and I couldn’t believe how big the youngest has gotten..

like wow

I love them so much.. I wish I could support them and get my own place and have them live with me..

Kids are amazing people enjoy yours and love them no matter what.. and they grow fast so cherish the babies(babies meaning all ages)

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