Sam is NOT one of those those lovely old chaps, he has a temper. 

He called me up on my mobile and had a go at me once for good 10 minutes when we were on holiday. I knew exactly what it was about when I saw the caller ID on my phone. A number from work. He was in during the holiday! I tried to explain what’d happened but he refused to accept it and blamed everything on me. I could only apologise profusely for something that wasn’t entirely my fault.

We all know what Sam’s like. But lately, he’s been getting on my nerve even more. There’s ALWAYS something to complain about. Look, I do admire his work attitude. He’s probably one of the first in and last out most of the days, a workaholic. His dedication obviously deserves a medal. But he’s so overloaded at work  that he often needs to shout at others so he wouldn’t explode himself. Everyone fears him, especially his secretary, Jenny – poor girl, I feel so sorry for her. Why doesn’t he do everyone a favour and retire? I’m sure his retirement life will be grand as he’s been paid very well to do what he does. I often wonder who will stick around longer, me or him? Will I witness the day he retires?

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