Sleepy thoughts from an eventful-ish day

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was my last day working at my second job. I really enjoyed working there, but I feel like my social anxiety was making it hard for me to get comfortable there. When there would be a long line or a customer would get angry I would start to have a mini panic attack and lose all concentration. I became super stressed and I feel really relieved now that I have more free time and I’m just able to focus on school. Also, this frees me up to focus on my Behind-The-Wheel class which starts next week on the 23rd , I think. That is also the date of my second pre-calculus test. 

Not to mention I did the BIG CHOP about a week ago. I have been loovvvinng it. I don’t have to go the the hair salon anymore; HOWEVER, my parents want me to go to the barber shop and get a line up every now and again which I am NOT here for. Let ME LIVE!

Daily Run Down:

  • I woke up and made it to class on time even after taking my sister to the bus stop.
  • Class was fine. Very informative.
  • I washed a load of laundry as soon as I was done with my classes and almost ran out of gas. #adventure
  • I attempted to make a dinner. (There are plenty of leftovers…)
  • My sister ran out of the house and down the street after getting mad at me and my brother for “…treating her like trash”
  • I tried to clean up living room and made it worse.


Love a super sleepy,

Jasmine B.


One thought on “Sleepy thoughts from an eventful-ish day”

  1. You sound like a delightful young person. I’m so glad for you that you don’t have that second job anymore. It’s not worth anxiety and panic attacks! I’ve had them, too, and I know it is awful. If you are a Christian, here is a verse for you. (or even if you’re not).
    “What time I am afraid, I will put my trust in Thee. ” Psalms 56:3
    Hope you continue to enjoy your hairstyle and manage to avoid the barbershops!!

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