I haven’t written on update of daily life stuff in awhile because there hasn’t been too much going on.

The Man’s work schedule has changed and we’ve finally started adjusting to it. He went from being a 3rd shift warrior to working 2nd shift. Ugh. It’s disappointing because now he isn’t home during the week day evenings and doesn’t get to see the kids very much. He wakes up early to see them off before school. He is more tired than usual. 

I work some evenings as well, but I always manage to get home before the kids bedtime. Deedee has been a huge help. She never ceases to amaze and impress me. It’s so important that she knows how much I truly appreciate her.

Deedee got nominated for a field trip. She’s going to learn about S.T.E.M. I hope she likes the program. Deedee always looks into the future. She has it all mapped out.

I wanted to say so much more about our week, but I must apologize. I’m exhausted. It’s going to be a very early night tonight. 

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