Mirror of Truth

Sometimes I look into the eyes of the girl in the mirror and I don’t recognize the eyes looking back. I see a damaged little girl. Torn apart by all the years of trying to be someone I’m not….perfect. 

Perfection, I have developed this overwhelming desire to be perfect at everything. To everyone else I look like this put together woman. In reality only a hand full of people in my life know the truth about how damaged I am. So the problem is how do I accept the damaged little girl and take down the facade… 

2 thoughts on “Mirror of Truth”

  1. Have compassion on the little girl inside you. She needs your love and healing. You can do it.
    Perfection is a lie. Nobody can attain it. Let it go, my friend. It is a ruthless taskmaster who will never give you your freedom. You must cast it off and be content to be human. God loves you just the way you are (He knows everything about you)—-and He will help you heal the battered little girl. You will see. It may take some time, so be patient with yourself, okay? You might consider letting the “little girl” write her own personal journal (not public necessarily). You may be surprised at what comes out. It’s good therapy. Also, dare to HOPE. Best wishes to you.

  2. Thank you for your kind words, but I have been struggling for a long time. Somehow I feel like having others hear me may help me with the pain I have been keeping pint up.

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