The Time when I scared Olivia Begeman away from here

It was on a crisp sunny day in High school, all I wanted to do was talk to her and why she was so distant to me then she told on me and that was it, next thing I know, I was in the principles office, I know I was in trouble and that’s when my life was just sad from then and then after that they left me and never came back. I saw on her twitter profile they had moved to Indiana, and I said “well I guess my mistake cost Cam and Zach the rest of their school year here” and that’s when I just didn’t want to talk to anyone anymore. I was just fed up with all this hate from everyone and everything but for me, I feel I may never see them again ever just for me wanting to talk to Olivia. Who knows when I might see them again and If I don’t then that’s my fault in life but sometimes we all have to lose friends sometime in life. I still remember when Olivia respected me as a person and friend but now she is an enemy to me and nothing more just hope her life goes better then what my life is now for me I guess will now never be the same.

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