I haven’t wrote any entry for two days.. let’s just say I’m busy..

I noticed few things changed with me since the beginning of the year.. like my appetite .. before, I always eat a lot.. but now there are times that even when I’m hungry I really don’t want to eat.. or when I would, I get full easily.. and I always feel busy when I’m at home.. or maybe I just don’t feel like doing anything.. and lately I am always staying up really late than before.. i am having a hard time to sleep at night.. I would always say that I would sleep early but I never did.. so I feel tired and sleepy most of the times.. I hate it coz I think I’m getting skinnier and lighter.. I find it hard to gain weight.. so I’m doing this for more than a couple of hours earlier hoping that I would sleep early tonight.. 

The past two days had been good.. yesterday we had a Saturday formation.. it was tiring like always but it’s fun we went out with some of our classmates after.. my right arm still hurts because of yesterday and maybe it would still be tomorrow.. but I hope it won’t.. 




2 thoughts on “Changes..”

  1. I have the same problem, last year I used to eat alot and I wasn’t full quickly but now even when I feel hungry, I don’t want to eat anything. I also have trouble sleeping. Thank you for sharing 🙂 X

  2. I had that problem before I found out I had Lupus and it turned out it gave me a Thyroid problem.
    You might want to get your Thyroid checked out. Hope you get better!

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