It means much only for me

Yeah i know for some people it will be misunderstanding what made me feel so but i felt it and i must say. 

Well yesterday i had my 3rd round olympiad and it was performed in a capital city, in the board University. I was writing my essay and novel for 4 hours but i wasnt tired. All the things there, environment, people…situation really left me fascinated. I would wish to study there but it costs so much…and i cant afford…but the university itself is so cute. Being in there I think i wouldnt mind if the world is over… Imagine how nook it is ^___^   Lobe you AGRUNI!!! (It’s named so) … 

And besides this i met a girl i know for so long time. She is very clever and we had our olympiad final in the same room. When i finished i was waiting bus to go back to the station and she came to me and we talked a little.. How pleasant it is that when you are talking to someone intelligent. I have a classmates who are on the first level of evaluation and mostly i feel like fool too.. Talking with her for a while really made me feel awesome and she seemed pleasant person too. On the web she isn’t as good as in reality but maybe it only seemed to me but the fact is that i feel much more better after yesterday. 

Good fact is that we, finalists will go to the training center for 3 days and i hope she will be with me too :)))

even through i think i didnt write badly i amnt waiting for results. Let they score my essay and novel anyhow they wish. I did my best and now dont care about anything. Pleasure stayed in my heart, thats what costs for me more :))))

p.s but anyways good results wouldnt be bad either :))) 

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