Sunday Morning

I am dressed and ready for church! Our church allows blue jeans, thankfully.  Just didn’t want to drag out a skirt and sweater today.  Our grandson, who has autism, will go with us.  He says “Going to the church, going to the church!  I’m so happy!”  God bless him extra much!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning”

  1. That’s amazing!!! I have a teenage daughter with Asperger’s Syndrome & like most autism spectrum individuals she has a horrible time with crowds. So I think it’s absolutely fantastic that your grandson is excited about church and likes going there. I bet it helps him to come out of his shell 🙂

  2. It DOES! He goes to everybody, total strangers, and shakes their hand and says “Good morning.” People look puzzled at first, then they respond beautifully. Thank you for commenting!!

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