The one with my crush

I haven’t told you this before but two years ago, I figured out that I like girls more than boys, actually way more so I decided that I am gay. Since then, i’ve dated 2 girls but that didn’t worked out really well because the first girl: April, was really busy with studying and it slowly led to nothing. The second girl: , she was really mean. First she told me she loved me and then a few weeks later she changed her mind and left me for a boy. Anyways, I have a (best) friend, his name is Joey and first, ofcourse I thought he was a bit attractive but now I start to doubt about my sexuality. I really like him and he’s extremely funny. We often hang out with each other because our other friends are boring and addicted to their phones so we talk extremely much and we always laugh. He knows I like girls (which I doubt now) but last time I told him I was bi, so I hope he likes me too. That’s all I can do for now ’cause if I would ask him out already, I think that will ruin our friendship. I know it sounds cliché but i’m gonna wait few more months to be sure of everything. If you’re reading this, thank you for reading it until the end, ’cause it’s pretty much me whining all the time. For all the geeks spread over the galaxy: May the force be with you. -JS

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