We had a such a beautiful day today

here in Chicago. The weather has been pretty depressing for past couple months. Well if you know the winter in Chicago but today, we had an unexpected beautiful day and of course I had to get out with my skate. Too bad I woke up too late today after waking up at 6 in the morning and got back to sleep till 12:30 PM. However, I spent rest of the day outside enjoying the weather with my favorite people. I skated almost 17 miles today and practiced many tricks that I want to master this year 🙂
Hopefully one day, I will share a video showing one of the tricks I have been practicing.

We hang out at Grant park and the field museum till the sun goes down then had lots of food and some drinks at Anton and Natalia’s place. Yes, it was a lot of fun and I had a great time! I skated back to home around 9 PM. I just can’t wait for the summer!!!

It seems like I need to spend rest of my weekend to get my things done. I really need to update my portfolio updated and work on the App design that I have been working on with my friend.

It’s 11:34 PM in Chicago. Doing my laundry and spending time on GoodnightJournal.com. PrettyinBlack really got me today. I just love and so grateful to see her journal today and it really hit me to get more involved with this site. It’s true that I have been very lazy writing journals here and read journals from others. In fact, I’m not a big fan of reading in general but I know I need to read more and I will do it here. I remember the time when I talked a lot with others maybe two years ago and it was a great memory! I definitely want that again. Many thanks to PrettyinBlack!

Hope all of you are having a great weekend! Summer is on the way 😉

Pic – Taken from Grant Park Chicago.

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