A new book. How many chapters again?

 Hello, this is me again. I haven’t written in a while. I missed this. I am writing a new book. My life. Full of new chapters, with new people and experiences. I learned some good lessons the hard way. I’m glad it happened that way. I had to cut out people, negative people who make me weak, from my life. That, of course, includes Sam. Today was supposed to be our one year anniversary. I broke up with him yesterday morning. One thing I can’t tolerate is lying. Lies. Lies. Lies. So many lies.

I hate when people are stupid and they choose to hide stuff from you when it’s obviously way easier when you choose honesty. Because communication is the key, they say. It is so true. I may come off as jealous, controlling, or that I complain a lot. It must be for a reason. If I can’t trust someone for something as simple as the phone, how am I supposed to trust you when we are married and worse things happen?

 I am feeling better than I thought. I cried. Trust me, I cried. But I cry a lot and it never solves anything and I’m sorry but I won’t cry again. I just can’t afford it this time. I fell for him, he fell for me. I enjoyed every moment, but I am hurting. I believe it’s time to move on. 

My sub teacher said today “We choose if we want to have a good day, or a bad day. A good moment, or a bad moment. It’s a choice.” I am choosing to have a good day, a good moment, a good life. I know something great will come out of this mess. I hope you can believe that too. I love you…



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  1. I am proud of you for making such a difficult and necessary decision. I also love your determination to have a good day…..to let it be a choice.
    Good for you.

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