I forgot..😌😅

I forgot what I had to say..😑😅 I still can’t remember it.. but anyways.. my day started off great.. I forgot to answer our take home test in math this week end so I had to do it on school.. I thought I would have a hard time answering it.. Coz I thought it was hard.. I never really pay attention in our math class.. but it wasn’t that hard..Β 

I still can’t understand my classmates.. I was answering earlier it was lunch.. we were in our classroom and I was answering the take home test.. I was explaining to myself and to them what I was doing or how did I came up with the answer coz one of my classmates doesn’t understand it.. they were Β just so fond of me doing it.. they would just stare at me with a smile on their faces and tell me I was funny..😑😑.. I asked them why and what was I doing.. and they just said ‘nothing’.. 😌.. in almost everything I do.. they find it funny.. even the way I react at things.. I hate it when I’m saying something serious but they find it funny and they would just laugh.. 😒😌 Β but I love them anyways..😊

It’s nice to have new friends..😃

I remembered I had another take home test due tomorrow..😑 but I still couldn’t remember what I had to say..😌😅


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