I’ve come a long way……..baby

today while reading my twitter tweets, i came across a post that sums up my experience dealing with mental illness perfectly.

“i’m not where i need to be, but thank god, i’m not where i used to be.”

oh boy, is that true. maybe my dissatisfaction with my current situation comes from me wanting too much. but, that is how i was raised. i was taught to not be average or ordinary. i should strive to be better. so, when i look at how things are now, i think to myself, “this could be better, i could be better, why can’t i make things perfect.” all this type of thinking has done is cause me to forget all the positive i’ve accomplished.

in my journey to recovery i’ve overcome suicide attempts, nervous breakdowns, self harming, agoraphobia, ocd, eatting disorders and body  image issues, and alcohol. i’m still working on the anxiety, panic, add, and depression, but, i’m moving forward now. but most important i accept things for what they are. i am living with a mental illness, and that’s okay.

One thought on “I’ve come a long way……..baby”

  1. Good for you! Gosh, you have been through a lot of anguish. You have come a long way! I hope you will celebrate that and shake off the curse of perfectionism. Being perfect (or even close) is a lie. Relax and embrace each day, thanking God for your vast improvement. Your blog was inspiring to me.

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