Life Is Hard

Mom kicked us out when I was 16 and two days before my sisters eighteenth birthday, September 27, for no good reason. Literally because I texted my sister where I needed to be picked up that day instead of my mom’s phone, yet we’re the ones that need to “grow up.” My sister ended up staying with her boyfriends mom because he is living in the dorms on the college campus here. I moved in with some friends of mine, that are adults and they have a five year old and are pregnant. Now they want me to move out and I have no good options.

So last night melon (half brothers baby mama) for me to come live with her again and I was so stocked because she said she could get a bed for me and everything and I thought it was gonna be perfect because I knew exactly what it was gonna be like except for this time Garrett would be there and melon wouldn’t be on meth so it was gonna be awesome. But then today at work she asked if mom would be okay with it and I lied and said I think so but that I hadn’t talked to her in awhile and that she also didn’t know that I even had to move yet and she was like okay well just be sure to let her know and make sue everything is okay before anything. And I don’t understand why because it seems so stupid that my mom should have any say in anything. Like at least Nicole is an adult but mom can technically still come after me or whatever. I am just so upset because melon was the perfect solution she would tell me straight up how she felt and shit and now I don’t know if she’ll still want me if I tell her that I don’t want to tell my mom. its just pretty fucked because I don’t to stay with Terah and make them move their computers and stuff again and I don’t want to “pop a squat” in Matthew’s room at Ellie’s house, because I need something more permanent. Bareen asked why I don’t just go share a room with my grandma and that would make no sense because mom would still be there and I can’t deal with that right now. and I can’t do that to grandma and I doubt she would let me and it will just give mom another excuse to call terrible or whatever. She was the one that kicked us out and made everything messy after Nicole finally decided to talk to her again. This is mom’s fault not ours.

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