Make Sense From The Senseless

I’m hopelessly addicted to the news. For me it is important to know all about the world around me. No topic is too bland. I like to read through local news, national news, health, world news, science, politics. No topic is off limits for my thirsty mind. I like to keep current. Keeping my head in the sand isn’t an option for me.

With my quest for knowledge comes a huge price. Many news sites (and network stations (*cough* Fox) have lost their objective ways and subtly slip in their own opinion. What happened to an unbiased delivery? So for me to try to find the true story I need to work twice as hard. First I read the major sites and then… the conspiracy theories. I believe the truth lies some where in the middle.

Another devastating side effect caused from following too many real life news stories is all the loss, all the pain, all the tragedy. ISIS, Taliban, and Syria are all too familiar to us. It’s one thing to read a story about the terrorism, the civil war, the chemical warfare, migrants and refugees trying to flee, but it’s another thing to imagine myself as one of them. Truly terrifying and heart breaking. Why do we kill each other?!?! Why?

We have mass shootings like the recent Kalamazoo rampage. Can you imagine taking your son to buy his 1st New car when suddenly you are gunned down simply for being in the wrong place at the exact wrong time. That’s not destiny!!! It’s sickening and cruel.

What about the Flint water? A whole town being poisoned by the very water they pay for to drink, bath in, do laundry, etc. These poor people have led poisoning among other things. Can you imagine not being able to get yourself a glass of water out of your kitchen sink? Let me not forget to mention what this has done to the value of their homes and businesses. This has been going on for the past 2 years. It’s only been brought to light in the past 6 months.

Humanity has begun to lose its ways. The senseless and selfishness of it all lashes fiercely against my soul.

So let’s make a change with the means we have available to us. Let’s pass kindness on. Open doors FOR EVERYONE, yes even the teenager. Let’s take the time to say “hello” with a smile on our face. Pay for the meal of the person behind you in line. Let’s do good things for others so that maybe in the depths of their own personal sorrows, we can be the beam of light.


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