People who talk too much!

Oh my gosh okay so I am house sitting for a friend and she has this neighbor that lives behind her and she knows her. This neighbor has all kinds of health issues and some depression disorders but talks too much and hard for her to leave the house I’m watching. She was gonna borrow my friend’s stove to cook  because her’s is busted. So far she just comes and talks. Last night it was three hours and I tried to talk and be nice but cant get much in plus she repeats the same things again. 

As it is I am an introvert and highly anxious and my dog is here. Taking care of my friend’s dogs as well. My dog is freaked out by this woman and worse to her than anybody. She barks and nips at her feet and ankles.  She only left early because my dog was barking excessively and not locked up. Talking makes me very anxious and listening to someone repeat or talk about bad stuff that happened in her life makes it worse.

My friend may get mad if I ignore her but I don’t care. I locked my dog in the bathroom last night so the woman could talk. Tonight I didn’t because I did not want my nervous dog to scratch the door up and cry and be upset. I am not a counselor and sadly I cannot put up with anymore of this woman’s excessive talking and feel like I have to hide. She comes over in the evenings. I’m tired. I have my own problems and I cannot carry anymore. Plus I have a house to watch dogs to feed. 😂😵😩 Sorry for the rant.

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