Perfect Illusion

You put my head on your shoulder. I didn’t expect that you would do that because we treat each other as friends. I’m so happy yet I don’t smile. I just feel comfortable watching the sun setting down and the way your hand touches my arm. We don’t speak yet the silence is not deafening – a perfect stillness. I can’t believe my unusual feeling turned to likeness. You kiss my head and I smile – the kind of smile I will always remember. Everything is perfect – the way you hold me, the sunset, the view and you. I can’t believe we have mutual feelings for each other. Falling in love with you is easy.


A loud noise ruined everything. I hate alarms. Everything is just a dream. My perfect illusion is now gone and the real world is syncing in. It’s been two days since I started dreaming about him. I always remind myself that I have to deny my feelings for the sake of our friendship but everything is becoming difficult when seeing him in my dream is the best thing that would happen to me in a day. When I go to school, he would always look at me in a funny way and we always crack up laughing in our own jokes but today is different. He glanced at me and my heart started to beat so fast. Luckily, I didn’t blush because if I did, I would never forgive myself. I will never risk our friendship for inadequate affection.

Now, whenever I want him, all I have to do is dream because he’s my happiness. But sadly, my satisfaction will never happen. 

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