plans that change..

That picture I took that area is amazing to me.. I love the graffti and the buildings that are falling apart I think they are beautiful in their own way and have memories.. (like I mean people have memories from before that and blah. Im sorry I have a few issues

I went with my mom, brother, sister in law(kinda more so brothers baby momma), and little nephew we went to see the arch and stuff and look around since Caitlin(babymomma/nephews mom/sister in law) has not been out of the state of Indiana..

it was really fun and Caitlin seemed to love it a lot.. her eyes kinda lit up.. lol

where she use to live was kinda dull.

they do live a little ways from the arch tho but we took the trip so she could see it..

with gas being cheap and all..

it was awesome and the pictures are nice that everyone took..

and yeah..

so im suppose to head to job corps march 1st I am going to the one in Illinois and I will be finishing high school and taking a trade hopefully forestry.

I am very excited ..

and kinda scared.. and happy because I will be in a stable place for atleast a year or two.. then after I want to go to college .. hopefully I can.. im not sure what I want to do yet tho..

but I will have to look into grants and stuff..

I will be staying in Missouri with my dad and family till march 1st the day I go to job corps..

im trying to work for my dad and get money because I need things before I go but he is never here which sucks..

but im going to call him later on and talk to him.. because I really need a working phone with minutes and I cant bring my laptop(it is actually a school laptop but they gave it to me for doing onine it is a online program..)

my mom keeps saying we are going to go to the zoo since Baby boy(nephew ) has not been and Caitlin has not been.. I only went once which was like 4 years ago and they have changed so many dad said..and when I went some things were shut down due to construction so hopefully it is amazing 🙂

hopefully we go soon before I leave lol

I really want to see..

everybody seems to sleep all day..

and I have no idea what to do with my time …

it really sucks.. because when we do wind up going somewhere like to a store or downtown to look .. it is late

I notice I complain a lot..


it is quite a beautiful day and yesterday was amazing.. it was warm so warm like hot.

well goodbye wonderful people 🙂

have a perfecto day 🙂


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