The Gift of Happiness & Miracles

Never give permanent feelings to a temporary person. The gift of magic brings happiness to a beautiful family. Spending true happiness with the people you love. Sharing your gits with each other. Imagining that special place in your heart for the holidays. Christmas is about being there with your families and everyone else you care about. Opening gifts and singing Christmas carols and just feel the music love. Being surrounded with the people you love and care about is a blessing because you never know what might come your way and you mostly never know what kind of magic you have until you wish for it. Most people wish for a miracle. Miracles happen in the blink of an eye. You look deep into your soul and you wish for something great to happen. What is it? Wish for a miracle and maybe…just maybe…if you believe in it…it will come true. Just believe in something and it surely happen…if you are a good person in life and if you surely have a good heart. Your wish might come true. Believe that wishes and dreams come true. Because they do. As I finish this chapter of my life. I now realize that it is time for me to believe in myself and in the future. Because the future holds my Present and my Present is to make others happy and to find their true soulmate.

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