Ugh… I procrastinated heavily on writing this today. I feel like hiring somebody to write this for me. Any volunteers?

So today was pretty good. The same things happened like usual. I went to school and did my work and then came home. I usually haven’t really done anything by the time I start writing just because I have a time limit to when I have to write this. The owners of this really need to fix this time thing so it works with everybody’s time. I understand that is quite hard to do but it would make the writers so much more happy because it would give us more time to write. I say that it would give me more time but in all honesty I would still procrastinate and come up with these super short journals like I always do. So in all honesty it’s my fault for not writing. Though the extra time would be nice.

So do yall ever start “talking” to someone and you think yall might have a thing with them? Yea that’s me. I will start talking to a girl and then I start liking here and then nothing happens so I give up and move on. I know it sounds like I’m a player but I’m actually not. I am very specific on the girls I will start flirting with. I don’t mean all of their looks but their personality is a big thing for me. The looks are also important but not as important because you should never judge a book by its cover. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that. In all honesty the cover and the description is one of the most important things about the book because it pulls the reader in.

These journal titles are starting to become hard to come up with. You want something that is intriguing but at the same time it can’t be a word that is hard to understand. You also can’t have something cheesy or somebody will just skim right over it. So much thought goes into this that it’s not even funny. Most of the time I give up and I put a cheesy title anyways so it doesn’t really matter one way or another.

That’s about it for today. I will continue tomorrow as I journey through life.

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