Dear Readers,

Hello my name is Sarah i’m 17, a mother of a one year old, in school, and also engaged. Anyways, now that, that’s out there i’d like to tell you my life story. When I was 5 states custody took me and my little brother, and put us into my Nanny and Papa’s house. Because, at the time my mom was on probably every drug you could think of. My mom was always in and out of a county jail or a state prison. When she wasn’t in jail she was coning me, and my brother into borrowing money from pop so she could ‘buy’ us toys, when she was really buying drugs. She told us run around story’s like she had to buy gas, or lost it. When we figured out what she was doing and stopped helping her, she stole our tv and pawned it, sure enough it landed her in jail once again. But, while she was in there alot of things was happening to me, like I was being touched, and messed with by a close family member. Not anyone in my immediate family, but one that was by marriage. By the time I was 8 my mom got out of prison, she looked healthy, happy, and like she wanted to be apart of our lives again. Boy where we fools.

 Side tracking for a minute, I bet your wondering where our father is in all this. He’s around, but every-time he would try to come see us my mom would threaten to call the cops unless it was his weekend with us. She always told us he never wanted to see us. Obviously I eventually found out the truth. Anyways back to the story. The first month she stayed sober got a job, got custody of us. Everything was good until she met this guy that beat on her everyday, he didn’t care if we was watching. It got so bad we saw blood splat on walls and her eyeball hanging out of her head it got gruesome.  She left us at Nanny and Paws to party and get high once again. This went on until I was 12. 

She met this church going guy (who had tons of money) she fell ‘in love’ with him on the first date. He was 10 yrs older than her, bald, old (lol). She moved us in with him and by the next month of them being ‘in love’ they were talking about getting married!!! His mom came to visit and meet us over Christmas. She was nice she bought us a house, a new car all because her son was finally happy. Him, and her got into a argument and she left back to her home in Florida. The whole time she was gone he talked about how her couldn’t wait to get her inheritance when she crocked over and died… Hmm I thought he was a good church going guy turns out he was a hypocrite just like her (my mother core-la De-vil).

Of course there wedding approaches us June 9th. There still ‘in love’ hell maybe they where who knows. I told my mom I was gonna object when asked if theirs anyone who would like to object. Her response was you’ll be in trouble until your 18 which I believed since every time I got in trouble I had dish duty and everyone could dirty up as much dishes as they want and practically laugh in my face.. I felt like Cinderella just without the princessy part. By June 30th she was ready for a divorce he was out of money because they have blowed it on everything unnecessary. He gets a construction job and ‘falls’ off a building just to sue and get workers comp, because my mother doesn’t and still to this never day will want a man who works. But while he was broke, my mom left him he sold the house for 1000 dollars and our brand new Volvo for 500 because it was out of gas, and stuck on the side of the road LOL. While they was broken up she starting dating a local boss at a well known company that again had alot of money..

 New years approached us, and her still current husband that she never divorced calls her (we will call the still current husband the Village Idiot, as my nanny calls him, and the current boyfriend M) He begans to tell us (the villiage idiot) that he touched me in my sleep. (Unless he drugged me I know this did NOT happen). When they get off the phone she calls me a slut, whore, and she cant have anything because of me. She was drunk, I get it she was angry but why towards me?? I didn’t believe it because I knew it didn’t happen and if it did I definitely was not willing considering I hated him the very second I met him. The next day she took me to make sure everything was in tact like I told her it would be, it was. She apologized I haven’t forgiven here still to this day because I just don’t believe it, you’ll find out soon why I don’t accept her apology, but for now I have to put my pumpkin in bed.  


Tbc…. Goodnight readers

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