I’m judgemental

So I’m lying in my room deciding on what I am to do after I finish this. There isn’t much to do but I’m sure I can find something. Today feels like a Wednesday but it’s only Tuesday. I don’t understand why this week is going by so slow. For months the weeks have been flying by but this week is just taking its good ole dandy time.

I watched a movie called creed last night. It wasn’t that good in my opinion. It had Sylvester Stallone in it and everything but this was not one of his best. It was all about a son of a famous fighter who has been fighting his whole life and he meets rocky and rocky trains him for a big fight. It’s just an original plot. Nothing about it made it unique. So I wouldn’t rate it very high; maybe a six out of ten.

I’m a very judgmental person and I didn’t truly realize this till today. Of course I knew I am judgmental but that’s like everybody. So today during lunch I was trying to find one of my friends because I had a meeting to go to which is the reason I was not with them in the first place. While I was walking around my school looking for them I passed this girl in the hallway. She said “hey lee” and I simply said hey back without looking at her because I was going to my destination. Quite a bit of people always say hey to me as I’m walking through the hallways and I do the same old thing. I smile and say hey without looking at them because I do not want to make conversation. I just want to finish my day and leave that place that I so deeply hate; but back to the story. After she said hey and I said hey back she started following me. That is a big no no. I don’t want to talk to you so please let me get to where I am going. So as she follows me she starts talking to me and everything. She brings up the fact that I don’t talk much anymore but I have my reasons why I don’t talk much anymore in school. So I simply explain to her that I cut off tons of people from last year to now. Nothing personal but it’s for the best. So she continues to walk with me and it’s starting to irritate me because she will just not stop following me. So I make a detour and I lose her. She obviously knew that I was going somewhere else and she said bye. I didn’t lose her without her knowing. I finally found the girl I was looking for in the first place and that’s the end of my story. Just by looking at that you can call me a bully or whatever but I noticed that I’m seriously a judgmental person. 

So that’s about it for today. I don’t really have anything else to say. I will keep y’all updated as I journey through life.

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