People say stupid shit

Lines like, your skirt was too short

Saying you asked for it

Sighing under your breath

You didn’t say no, that counts as consent


Lines like, your pants were too tight

Your jeans were right

You asked for it

To get jumped at night


Lines like, everyone knows your’re a hoe

You hang around a lot of guys

You wear a lot of makeup 

You ask for their eyes


Lines like, you wanted it

You didn’t move at all

You just laid there

Didn’t push me or try to stall


Lines like, you danced sexy

Your butt touched my hand

I took that as my que 

To haul you off and..


Lines like, this is not okay

Rape culture is here 

But not to stay

We the victims, the survivors 

The bold and the brave

Have been through hell and back 

And have to say

Those lines are atrocious 

Vulgar and untrue

If you believe one word 

Shame on you

No victim is to blame

No matter clothing or act

No is no, consent is fact.



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