Some ruminating on the past few weeks

Hey everyone! 

It’s currently 10:45 pm on a Monday evening, and I’m sitting in front of my TV thinking about the past few weeks. I recently moved into my own condo after being a renter for the past 10 years in Chicago, and I’m currently in the midst of furnishing the place. My sectional, coffee table, dining table, lounge chair, and counter stools have all arrived, and has made my place start to feel like my own home. I celebrated lunar new year last week with my friends, and we made dumplings. It was a huge success! It’s a nice feeling when you have a place of your own where you can entertain your friends.   

I’ve moved on from my recent breakup with my ex in December, and am at a place where I’m ready to start dating again. I turned 30 last summer, have a stable career, essentially became a slave to some bank for the next 15 years, so I’m at the stage in my life where I’m looking for that special someone that I can share my life with. I went out this past weekend with someone I met online (who doesn’t these days), and we had a good time at a cocktail bar listening to jazz. Conversation was flowing and rarely awkward, she’s down to earth, very pretty, and we share a common thread together both being foreign immigrants who came to US later in life, her for grad school, me for high school. I’m working up the courage to ask her out on a second date and trying to get to know her more, and who knows where this’ll go. Right now I’m just enjoying the moment and seeing where things go. 

We’re still in the middle of the winter, so a lot of the time is spent indoors. When I’m not at work, I tend to be either at the gym or at home. The end of last year has not been kind on me health-wise, as I’ve put on 10 pounds (even when keeping up a fairly regular exercise regiment) due to my eating habits, so I’m trying to get back on track with that. I signed up for a 10k in April to keep me motivated, and hopefully be in kick-ass shape by the time August comes around for my second triathlon. That’s not to forget the awesome skating events that go on in the summers! Can’t wait for the weather to get warmer…


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  1. Forgot to add, the picture was what I baked for tonight. Baked salmon that was coated with olive oil, salt and pepper, and parsley flakes. Simple, yet tasty 🙂

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