The literal ocean between us

Every morning I wake, as I do 

I turn to look, and still don’t see you

I will never not, want to wake to your face 

To see your sexy eyes and the way your stubble is placed

I hate that I cannot be in the cocoon of your arms

To feel safe, secure and not know harm

I want to touch your lips

Every part that dips

I want you with me, by my side 

Like the way we spoke, that day outside

Vows to forever, be there always

We speak, but it is through technological ways

I miss the way you always looked at me

Everytime I turned, I would see

You would smile and wink 

Now we have this Ocean, some continents and a force between us

I know it can’t dwindle our flame 

But the pain from distance, I turn to blame

They keep creating barriers and obstacles for us to maneuver 

We keep climbing and getting over

But everytime it takes a tole

Making the bitterness grow 

Ruining the happy, joyful tone we had wrapped with a bow

The tides are turning

It’s almost time to go

I can’t wait to feel you again

My loving husband and friend. 



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