Time for Courage to Kick In

So today melon called me and asked if i had talked to hannah and eric yet and i said no because I was still at school and I got home late last night. I’m super nervous to ask them when they want me out, because they didn’t like it the first time i lived with melon. I don’t want to bring it up and then have them say that i can still stay here because now I know that they don’t want me here. And melon told me she could get me a twin bed but then she called ad asked if i had one and i said no that when we lived at my grandmas house my mom sister and I all shared one room and there were tw twin beds but i always slept on the couch and she gave the other one to her friend troy. Mlon thght it was retty fucked that she gave away a bed, well my om has been kind of fucked lately. 


I read thie letter article kind of thing today and it was addressed to the mom who was never there. And man, I related to that so much. My mom isn’t a terrible person and i do still love her bu i can’t keep being dependent on he happiness. I worked Thursday night Friday night and then a double Saturday and Sunday morning. I made $300 in tips almost. I’m a waitress not a stripper by the way. And i thought to myself when was the lasy time mmoy m had three hundred dollars. When was the last time she had $20 that she worked for? Almost a year ago.

My sister got accepted to UND and she is so pumped. She is going for social work and she is going to be so amazing I can’t wait to see the great things she does in life. 

I’m going to go try and talk to Hannah and Eric about me moving out.

Wish me luck.

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