Waiting for spring

It’s chilly outside today. Right now at this very moment, I’m in my bed all snug and cozy. The whistle from a train cries out in the distance. I’m a little surprised by how much the temperature dropped since yesterday. I can feel spring inching closer and closer. It’s just around the corner and I simply can not wait.

Our house may be tiny, too many people packed in tight cramp quarters, but our back yard is quite big. Spindly trees stretch up in the middle while large bushes guard the parameter. The yard itself could use a good raking, lots of leaves cling to the Earth. I’ve meant to spend more time back there, but it’s been such a busy year.

My plan is to make the backyard my sanctuary. I’ve started buzzing in the man’s ear about digging a fire pit. So I need to add a rake and shovel to my ever growing wish list. I’d love to buy a stone bench and set up an alter… but my privacy from the neighbors is compromised. There are a few gaps in the bushes and I can catch glimpses of the apartment complex that’s on the street behind us. On sunny days I can hear the loud laughter of my neighbors and well I wouldn’t want them to get the wrong idea.

The approach of warm weather is coming quick. Some little white flowers that remind me of bells have already started to bloom. They remind me that I am miserably failing my diet. Seriously. I had a deep dish pepperoni pizza with a bacon stuffed crust today for lunch. It was delicious. Food is finally getting the best of me.

I have these visions of me in cute sun dresses and my hair down. Basically what I want is the exact opposite of my nature. I love jeans, tee shirts, and hoodie sweatshirts. I have the fashion sense of a 13 year old boy. I NEED to lose this stupid gut and accumulate a wardrobe worthy of the lil’ goddess I am. Masquerading around as a bummy teenager has gone on for far too long.

What else is going on these days… Deedee went on her S.T.E.M. field trip today. She had a great time and for once school wasn’t “boring”. She has a field trip to your some colleges coming up next month. She ate way too much sugar today and was play fighting with Snoochie.

Speaking of Snoochie, she is running for student body government next year. She’ll be in 6th grade. I hate how fast time is going. She also brought home a brochure for band. She wants to join. I’m excited. I’m hoping she’ll play the clarinet like the man and I. Certainly would be easier for us to offer her assistance if she picks an instrument we both have experience with.

Bobo is Bobo and doesn’t have too much going on other than the fact that I need to buzz his head soon. I’m planning on getting him a paint ball gun. I think he will love it!!!

Recently spring cleaned the house and I’m happy with how orderly everything is. I gave Jake and Andy bathes today. Those boys are so cute covered in suds! I think I’m finally winning the battle of the fleas. The war was long, but I will prevail.

I guess that sums up everything going on around here. If it’s warm tomorrow I think I’ll go for a run.

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  1. Lol. Technically there is nothing wrong with an adolescent boy’s wardrobe. What’s “wrong” with it is that I am not a teenager nor a boy. Maybe it’s my short stature, maybe it’s the fact that I can pass off for an 18 year old, whatever it is I’ve been too comfortable with my predictable attire for 10 + years. I figure it’s time to add a little more femininity to my looks.

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