Yet Another Dream to Ponder..

Walking on the beach hand in hand. Fresh salty air hitting our skin. Warm ocean water under our feet and sand between our toes. The bright Sun shining down on us, illuminating your perfection..

As you stop and turn to face me, you stumble. You’re falling back into the bright blu… Dark water. You’re face is pure terror. As we reach out towards each other, my hand can’t grip yours.. you’re falling and I can’t save you.

The Sun is gone and I’m surrounded by an endless parade of rushing dark clouds. I’m on my knees still trying to get to you. To help you. To save you. But I just can’t..because that once warm water was now black ice, and you were on the other side.

I’m banging on it trying with every ounce of strength I have to break through to you. You’re drowning. Still reaching out towards me. Sinking further and there’s nothing I can do. But as I finally break through and dive in after you, you’re gone. Nowhere to be seen. I know I’ve failed you..

So I just let my breath go. I let the water fill my lungs and plunge me deeper into the abyss of that dark ice water.

The pain of this death was nothing compared to the excruciating reality that I had failed you. You needed to be saved, and I let you drown.

3 thoughts on “Yet Another Dream to Ponder..”

  1. I relate you very well and i feel so sorry for you. I wanna help you somehow.
    Last year i was exactly like you and i still remember that pain…..

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