K* is allowed to hit and kick and scream and its because he is angry and that’s fine because he is showing feelings but D* isn’t allowed to cry because it’s annoying and she is whining. She tried to go lay down with him on the couch and he repeatedly kicked her in the head and somehow that’s D*’s fault because she didn’t move and give him his space.
How is that fair? She is 3. Why is everything her fault? K* is also 3 but he doesn’t need to be held accountable for his actions… When he hurts somebody else it is “oh no why is he acting like this, is he okay?” When she hurts someone she is expected to be 100% accountable for her actions. She just wants to be close to him. When K* needs to be alone and she cries you expect her to understand and she doesn’t get any sympathy but when she needs to be alone, K* screams and it’s “oh sorry K*, It’s okay buddy. I’m sorry.”
I know for a fact that if D* would have been the one to kick him in the head you would have lost your shit at her and she would have been is such big trouble.

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